Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Defends Plan to Give $12k/Yr to Everyone

2020 Candidate Andrew Yang

Vote for Me, Get $12k/Year!!!

Here’s Proof it Boosts Production

4/10/2019 2:31 PM PDT


Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is standing by his plan to cut every citizen a monthly check — just for being over 18 — and says it’s a necessity to help American workers who keep losing jobs to robots.

The NY entrepreneur broke down his “freedom dividend” plan Wednesday on “TMZ Live” … telling us the $1,000 monthly stipend to all adults won’t make people lazy — in fact, he says it’s the exact opposite. 

Watch … Andrew says there’s cold hard proof his proposed plan will make people want to work, get an education and improve the economy — and you don’t have to look beyond our borders to find it.

The candidate also addressed any comparisons to Donald Trump — a businessman with no previous political experience. His bottom line — the current POTUS doesn’t represent every entrepreneur, and Yang’s sure he can do better.

Sooo … could ya use an extra $12k in your pocket, annually?

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